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For technical support before or after an online program, please email us at

We use Adobe Connect for our online programs. You can check their requirements here.

Adobe Technical support - 800-945-9120

Adobe Connect test site: Please use this site to familiarize yourself with the online "classroom" . You can also test your camera in advance of a program. Please click here to enter.

How do I join a Shambhala Online event?

  • Click on the My Programs link in the email you received at registration.
  • Login to your Shambhala account.
  • Click on the link to the live event [program or class].
  • Select "Enter as a Guest".

No username or password is required.


Attending a program: Please plan to get online 15 minutes before the scheduled time to give you some time to test your setup.

Once you are in the "meeting room" testing (if required) will take place with the moderator host. Further instructions will also be given by the moderator.

Equipment needed to join an online program:

  • A wired internet connection is often better for broadcasts rather than wireless, so if you can connect using a network cable from your router to your computer, please do so.
  • A computer with built-in or external speakers.

Recommendations for internet connection:

There are really two specifications you will want to look into when determining the best internet connection. You will want to know download and upload rates from your ISP.

  • Upload speeds: anywhere in and around 0.5Mbs upload should be fine. But of course the faster the better for sharing video / audio from your location.
  • Download speeds: for simply viewing broadcasts (especially one with many connected users) we recommend a high-speed broadband connection, with download rates of around at least 5.0 Mbs. Most companies offer these speeds with cable internet, or high-speed DSL options.
  • test internet speed for video here

If you want to interact using a camera and microphone, you will need:

  • A webcam, camcorder or built-in camera
  • A built-in or external microphone. Logitech is a proven USB microphone . It can be purchased online at Amazon for less than $25.

What you can do to improve the quality of a broadcast:

  • Re-boot your computer before you login.
  • If possible, be on a wired internet connection. If wireless is your only option, be as close to the router as possible;
  • Close all applications that use the internet, especially mail, MSN, Skype, and iChat;
  • Turn off any automatic download, i.e. software or security updates;
  • If there are others sharing your internet connection, ask them to suspend their usage during the broadcast;
  • If you lose audio during the broadcast, please close the browser and log back in again;
  • It is recommended that you login at least 30 minutes before the start time. There will be no email or phone support available during the online broadcast.


For any other questions, please contact us at

Decorum guidelines: how to create an uplifted environment for receiving the teachings via webcast.

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